Discipline Chief St. John for naming a woman but not men in city investigation.

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On April 18, 2018, Billings Police Chief Rich St. John revealed the results of an investigation of Billings Police Officers and Billings City Employees having sexual encounters on city property and at times while on duty. In the announcement, Chief St. John shared the name of the woman involved but cited possible legal limitations in naming the men involved. The woman involved is a former city employee who has pending unrelated criminal charges. 

If the men would not be named because of possible legal and contractual obligations then the woman should have also not been named if or until a legal decision of the men has been reached. The woman’s pending criminal case is not a factor in the activity and should not be a reason for revealing her identity. 

Chief Rich St. John has been a strong community leader and a very good leader of the Billings Police Department. But his choice to reveal the woman’s name and not the men’s is egregious and requires discipline by the city government.