Push Redondo Beach to switch our Clean Power Alliance default to 100% Green Power!

Push Redondo Beach to switch our Clean Power Alliance default to 100% Green Power!

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Started by David Goldfarb

** This petition is intended for the Redondo Beach community as well as those associated with Redondo Beach (residents, business owners & employees, students & teachers, etc.). Please share this petition with others! **

This petition is to show support for Redondo Beach switching our Clean Power Alliance default to 100% Green Power (renewable energy).  This is the most important action that the Redondo Beach city council can take to cut local emissions, make significant progress on our community’s climate action goals, and reduce reliance on fossil fuels which would inevitably help close the AES power station.

The deadline to change our renewable energy default level to 100% Green Power is December 31, to go into effect in October 2022.  The Redondo Beach City Council is scheduled to consider a default change at its council meeting on Tuesday, December 7, 2021 at 6:00 pm.  Community members can call in to the meeting and email the council members ahead of time to express support as well. 

More Information:

With this one council vote, our roughly 67,000 Redondo Beach residents can be enrolled in clean energy, making it easy to “go green”.  It will take much more time, effort and expense to achieve this kind of progress otherwise and will demonstrate that renewable energy is now readily available and affordable. By doing this, we help lead the way for other cities! 

Because of the 100% renewable energy default, to date over one million people across 23 communities in California are virtually eliminating greenhouse gas emissions from their electricity supply!

Clean Power Alliance (CPA) is a community choice energy agency, serving 3 million people in 32 municipalities (including Redondo Beach) across Los Angeles and Ventura Counties.  Clean Power Alliance offers three rate options - Lean Power (40% clean), Clean Power (50% clean), and 100% Green Power (100% renewable).  Member cities choose a default rate, which is what customers are automatically enrolled in.  Customers can always choose a different rate however.  Of CPA's 32 member agencies, currently 15 (including neighboring Manhattan Beach) have adopted 100% Green Power as their default. Redondo Beach is currently enrolled in the Clean Power tier, which is 50% clean & 50% dirty energy, but we have the opportunity now to change that to 100% Green Power! 

If we want cleaner energy, then our default should support that.  By setting the default at 100%, we will get much more participation at that level than if it’s set at a lower tier, most customers will remain at 100%. The default isn't a mandate or forcing anything on anyone, it's simply making a suggestion and customers can always choose a different plan according to their own priorities and opt down to a lower rate. 

CPA’s 100% Green Power currently costs just 2-3% more than the Clean Power rate (Redondo’s current default).  For example, if a customer is paying $100 per month on Clean Power, it will only cost $2-3 more to be on 100% Green Power.  Low-income customers receive the rate benefit at no extra cost, an important environmental justice provision.  While there’s a slight rate savings in the lower two tiers, they have far less renewable content, and it’s important to factor in the costs associated with more polluting emissions.  The perception of saving a dollar or two in the short term is a dangerous illusion.

Let’s help Redondo Beach lead the way to a cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable tomorrow by transitioning off fossil fuels to 100% clean, renewable energy!

105 have signed. Let’s get to 200!