Save Pelican's SnoBalls of Carrollton

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CARROLLTON, WE HAVE A PELICAN'S EMERGENCY!...The City of Carrollton has decided to initiate a lawsuit that will devastate Pelican's SnoBalls of Carrollton and put them out of business. Even during the treacherous 2020 Covid Pandemic, Pelican's is doing great:  It has quickly become the number one family destination on Bankhead Highway. With its trademarked sky blue and pink colors, Pelican's SnoBalls has become a beacon of friendly family fun with over 100 fantastic flavors. The local franchise owners Chip and Kimberly Bishop invested their life savings in their Pelican's dream which has been making 1,000s of people happy every month. Now the City of Carrollton is suing the building owner Dr. Brent Harris over the corporate colors of Pelican's. We petition the City of Carrollton to stop this ridiculous lawsuit, focus instead on ideas to solve the Covid-19 Pandemic, and support local business. We support Pelican's Sky Blue & Pink and their fantastic SnoBalls!

Coming soon: Pelican's "Earthtone" Shirts