Please Say Yes to Neighborhood Safety!!! And No to ZC-16-104.

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We live beside Carter Riverside High School (CRHS) and Riverside Middle School. For years we have been asking for help from the school and various City of Fort Worth officials to address the problems we are having in our neighborhood. 

Some Issues/Concerns we have in our neighborhood:

  • one instance of 2 cars driving up in a yard
  • littering
  • not observing traffic laws (ex:parking too close to fire hydrants)
  • safety (ex:small children playing, elderly walking almost hit)
  • cursing at residents of neighborhood when asked to slow down
  • limiting view of oncoming traffic
  • potential of increasing public safety response time
  • parking in no parking zones
  • speeding during school zone hours

One of the reasons there are so many cars parking on the street is because there are no parking permits required at CRHS. It has also been reported that the reason parking permits are not required is due to the high number of drivers that do not have a driver's license and insurance, which a parking permit would require.

In our experience, when we call the school and report issues, they tell us it is not their responsibility to address our concerns regarding cars (students/parents) parked on our streets because they are not on school property. But if this passes, more cars will be on the streets and less on school property, increasing the potential for more issues that the school deems not their responsibility. If the students were parked in a school parking lot with a permit it would be easier to see who doesn't belong on campus and if there is an incident where a car is involved we would know for sure it was a student. Right now when we report a violation the school asks how do we know it is a student.

When we inadvertently discovered this zoning change, it was a week before going to the Zoning Committee and a week later going to the City Council. We are afraid that if this amendment to the ordinance passes, all of the neighborhoods in the city of Fort Worth would then be dealing with a difficult situation similar to ours. We went before the City Council and asked if they could not vote No on this proposed ordinance change, please, postpone it so we could have more time to get the word out to more residents.

We think it would be better to take each school on a case by case basis instead of making a blanket ordinance for all schools depending on the circumstances in that neighborhood. This proposed ordinance amendment would include all schools, both public and private, including elementary, middle school, and high schools. Please stand with us while we strive for the best education experience for all FWISD children and keeping Fort Worth neighborhoods a great place to live. It will take a concerted effort from the school district, the police, the city officials, and the residents to achieve the best results.

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