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Dissolve the Minneapolis Police Union

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We need to dissolve the Minneapolis Police Union as a first step toward restoring order to our city. The people of Minneapolis live in terror of a few crooked cops, and they will not be removed until the union is dissolved. If you live in Minneapolis, you may be next: You will lose friend, family member, or your own life because the union assures that the consequences for trigger-happy cops will not be serious. 

The Minneapolis Police Union exists to protect the rights of crooked cops above the rights of the people they are sworn to serve and protect. 

This is a bipartisan issue. Unions are generally disliked by conservatives, and in this case, the union works against the interests of the people, eliminating transparency and consequences for crooked cops. It is time to back the tide. 

There are good cops out there, but the union thwarts them at every turn, assuring that the corruption and inefficiencies within the department are preserved. 

The Minneapolis Police Department routinely ignores serious property crimes (such as hit and run) that require investigation and follow up in favor of exciting car chases and cops and robbers games where they can use their sidearms. 

Our Police will not serve and protect until we eliminate the crooked union. 

Today: Minneapolis Citizens against the Police Union is counting on you

Minneapolis Citizens against the Police Union needs your help with “Mayor Betsy Hodges: Dissolve the Minneapolis Police Union”. Join Minneapolis Citizens against the Police Union and 437 supporters today.