Baltimore's Budget: Put Our Youth First!

Baltimore's Budget: Put Our Youth First!

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Baltimore's budget is failing our youth and the future of our city.

Our youth are taking to the streets by the thousands to demand an end to the racial, social, and economic inequities and injustices that have traumatized generations. Now is the time to show them we hear them, and we are with them. Baltimore should be increasing funding for youth and trauma-related services as the Healing City Act mandates--Not spending less. 

The city budget is a moral compact. It embodies our priorities as a society. It defines who we are, and what we stand for. The future of Baltimore will be determined by the values we embrace now. 

Take action now to ensure that Baltimore's legacy will be one we can be proud of. Our youth demand nothing less, and we need to stand with them.

Tell Mayor Young to put our youth first and increase funding for youth and trauma services.

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