End Childhood Lead Poisoning in Syracuse, NY

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     For far too long and in unequal measure, the children of Syracuse, NY have suffered tragically from lead poisoning from deteriorating pre-1978 housing.

     Our community's entirely preventable poisoning of children has yet to be fully addressed or the solutions implemented, despite the passing of a city-wide lead ordinance.

This Systemic injustice demands greater resources and governmental action NOW!

With Families for Lead Freedom Now, We, the undersigned, demand the following concrete systemic changes be implemented by October 1st, 2021 in order to address the crisis.

  1. TESTING NOW: a return to mass-based population testing of Syracuse residents under 6 years old for Elevated Blood Lead Levels (EBLL). Reinstate lead testing at WIC appointments.
  2. OPERATE THE ORDINANCE (STOP THE HARM): Begin full operation and implementation of the Syracuse Lead Ordinance, which was supposed go into effect on October 1, 2020, but has yet to be effectively implemented or enforced.
  3. RENTAL REGISTRY IN PLAIN VIEW: Give the public full and complete public transparency via an online database of which properties are on the Syracuse Rental Registry.
  4. SHARE THE DATA ON RACE AND PLACE: Twice a year Onondaga County Department of Health should release de-identified (non-personalized) data of race and ethnicity and place (census tract and/or zip code) of children suffering lead  poisoning. Environmental Justice is rooted in race and place. Providing such data is central to a commitment to stop environmental injustice.

If you would like to volunteer or join Families for Lead Freedom Now! in our fight to end childhood lead poisoning please click the the link  https://www.leadfreedomcny.org/what-we-do-contact-us