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Stop considering culling of street dogs in Bangalore

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A recent article in a leading Indian newspaper , depicted the remarks by a leading politician (We shall spare him of the ignominy of naming him). The politician said " The population of stray and diseased dogs is increasing day by day, hence, all street and diseased dogs should be culled. Animal lovers who oppose this move should take them into their houses instead! ".

    Appalling and shameful that such remarks should come from a man of his position and stature and I, for one, do not stand for this and shall not take it lying down.

     But lets not hide the truth here; yes; the population of stray dogs has increased over the past few years and this is only natural. Does not the population of our own country increase every year too? Or am I wrong in comparing the breeding rights of a dog and that of humans? . Yes; the number of rabid dogs are also increasing. Lets not forget though that dogs contract rabies as a  result of living in absolutely filthy and pathetic conditions like down in the suers, near garbage heaps,storm drains and gutters which are in part and by majority created by HUMANS not dogs themselves. 

    So what then and who gives us the power to mercilessly kill innocent animals that only look out for themselves and manage to survive in a world that is unmindful of the suffering that they incur! Isn't it fair to say that this politicians remark and those of his collegues are misplaced and I dare to say "Third-world".  The Government and our city's municipal corporation the B.B.M.P would know that killing does not and will NOT stop the problem. Instead it would only intensify it. After all, the merciless torture and inhuman methods that were employed a few years ago to "euthanise" dogs was xposed and brought everyone responsible to shame and those in the government too.

      It would make far better sense to eradicate Rabies altogether by vaccinating dogs and saving both them and us at the same time! They can follow a system of ear-marking dogs and steralising them, by virtue of which the population of the dogs can also be controlled in a better and a more scientific manner. And if Mr.Politician you really wanted to get dogs off the streets, why don't you use the CRORES that we as law-abiding Tax-payers pay the government and use it to allot land, create shelters and be a model of change that other cities and states in our country can follow? . Surely, if an ordinary citizen like myself can suggest these measures , then where is the need for these primitive measures? 

After all, can you stand by and watch as "Mans best friend"  is killed ruthlessly, for only fighting for it's rightful place and respect? 

Please help this initiative, sign the petition and show these politicians what voices can "Change" 


-Achal Pradeep Khanolkar

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