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Potomac Street Design That Ensures The Safety Of All Residents

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I am a Baltimore City resident who utilizes S Potomac Street frequently in my daily life.  I support a road and bike lane design that ensures the safety of all residents, including pedestrians, bikers, the handicapped, and those in need of emergency assistance, and preserves parking access for residents and local businesses.

The current design of Potomac Street violates the Baltimore City Fire Code, infringes the rights of handicapped residents to safely access their homes, runs counter to the Baltimore City Bike Master Plan of 2015, reduces parking, and does not follow national best practice guidelines for road user safety.

National best practice recommendations on bike lane design for low stress, neighborhood roadways like Potomac Street,[1] include traditional painted bike lanes, sharrows, and contra-flow bike lanes, NOT protected cycle tracks.  The cycle track design reduces visibility at intersections, leading to a danger of increased collisions and reducing bike safety.[2]

I support an immediate restoration of curbside parking along the full length of Potomac Street and construction of a bike lane that uses bike lane design elements appropriate for a neighborhood street, such as a traditional bike lane, contraflow bike lane, and/or sharrows.

Thank you!

[1] As outlined by the American Association of State and Highway Transportation Officials, and the National Association of City Transportation Officials
[2] Thomas, Beth, and Michelle DeRobertis. "The safety of urban cycle tracks: A review of the literature." Accident Analysis & Prevention 52 (2013): 219-227.


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