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Keep the Pensacola Confederate Monument

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Recently a petition was created to remove the Pensacola, FL Confederate Monument in Lee Square on North Palafox Street. We, as citizens of the United States of America, need to keep this from happening. We are seeing this all around the country, and praise Alabama for creating a state law from removing monuments such as this. We are not seeing these monuments end up in museums, as the left claims. We are seeing these monuments end up in junk yards or just trashed. This is history. We must preserve it.

This monument is not about hate. It is about the heritage that many in the South share. There are many individuals depicted in these monuments that went on to do great things after the Civil War. University Presidents, Military Academy Commandants, State and US Senators/Representatives, State Governors, etc...

If we allow this to happen, where does it stop? Is it going to be monuments to George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, FDR, or LBJ next? All of these individuals were known racists and/or slave owners. We need to keep the growing tide of the left from disallowing the rest of the country to enjoy the history behind these monuments.

This isn't about black, white, Hispanic, or Asian. This is about what is right. The left is known to bolster themselves and run around whining about everything that offends them until government officials cater to their every need. Everything the left touches, they destroy. I'm personally tired of allowing the left to destroy history and even worse, destroy this country.

Please stand with me as we fight this. Please stand with me to preserve history. We need to stop this from happening. Spread this petition everywhere. We need to get as many signatures on it as possible.

Keep your eyes out, I will be working on creating a protest at the site of Lee Square to keep this from happening.

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