Create a Black Lives Matter Mural in Renton, WA

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I am a Pakistani American married to a White Man (Mitch Shepherd who served on the Arts Commission for several years) and raising two mixed children in this city we call home, Renton, Washington. One of the things I love so much about this city is its incredible diversity. It makes me proud to live in a place where so many different people come together. I am writing to appeal to you as a citizen of this town. The time is now to take a very open, public stance on how important the Black community is to our city, state and country. When I saw what was created in Washington DC -- a simple mural on a main thoroughfare of the city -- I immediately knew that this is what we must do. Not just here in Renton, but in every single city in this country. Black lives have been sacrificed, discarded, overlooked, over and over again, globally, and more importantly, here on this soil. The idea of using yellow road paint to create a "Black Lives Matter" on a main road in our city, for all to see, plain as day, for the airplanes flying over to notice, for every single person who comes through to know, that this city STANDS with its Black community-- what an INCREDIBLE and BOLD thing to do. I am writing to invite us as a city to set an example for our state, to align the leadership of this city with the Black community. And not at the exclusion of others, but with the understanding that the Black community has suffered for so very long in so many different ways, that they need this inclusion, acknowledgment and firm statement that we are all with them. That we will navigate this together. I dream of a city whose administration, leadership and public art reflects the incredible diversity of this place. A city that my kids will proudly come back to and contribute to. This Project should be a collaboration between the Mayor's office, Renton City Council, Renton Police Department, Renton School District, and the Renton Municipal Arts Commission-- a collaboration of the institutions that make up our city.