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Petitioning Mayor George F. Apel and 12 others

Mayor Apel and the Vernon, CT Town Council: Support the FY 2014 school budget as submitted by the Board of Ed.

Vernon Public Schools are currently ranked in the bottom 30 districts in Connecticut. A budget that supports our children and our district's needs is needed. We are asking the community to review this information, ask questions, and join us in supporting the Vernon Board of Education by lobbying the Town Council to restore funding for the 2013-2014 school year.

Letter to
Mayor George F. Apel
Vernon Town Council Michael A. Winkler
Vernon Town Council Adam B. Weissberger
and 10 others
Vernon Town Council Dan Sullivan
Vernon Town Council Thomasina C. Russell
Vernon Town Council Steven Peterson
Vernon Town Council Brian R. Motola
Vernon Town Council John Kopec
Vernon Town Council Marie A. Herbst
Vernon Town Council Virginia M. Gingras
Vernon Town Council Thomas A. DiDio
Vernon Town Council Bill Campbell
Vernon Town Council Julie Clay
Please support the Vernon Public Schools 2013-2014 school budget as submitted by the Board of Ed. Let's get our schools out of the bottom 30!

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