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Shut down The Charlotte Inn


Mayor Anthony Foxx and The City of Charlotte, NC.: Shut down The Charlotte Inn


I wish to express my deep concern for the existence of the Charlotte Inn hotel located at 2701 E. Independence Blvd considering the numerous negative effects it is having on residents of the adjoining neighborhood community and their properties.


I urge the local government of Charlotte to shut down the Charlotte Inn for the following reasons:



  • It persists as a nuisance to residents of Commonwealth Park neighborhood given the transient clientele it attracts and the inconsiderate and often harmful behavior that comes along with it.  Examples include littering of trash on roads and properties, accumulation of shopping carts from nearby businesses, code violations, breaking and entering into parked vehicles, drug use/distribution and prostitution activity all stemming from the presence of the Charlotte Inn.
  • It persists as a nuisance to the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department given the constant attention it deserves as a result of 911-reported calls and police surveillance regarding above mentioned activities.  CMPD estimates that 220 calls for service were placed at the location between March 2011 and March 2012.
  • It persists as the number one safety concern for residents throughout the neighborhood, particularly those living within ear shot, effectively lowering their standard of life in an otherwise charming community.

I implore you to shut down the Charlotte Inn business in order to eliminate the otherwise endless cycle of noted safety hazards, the resulting stress on neighborhood residents, and the reactionary efforts by city workers to investigate and temporarily address.







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  • Mayor Anthony Foxx and The City of Charlotte, NC.

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