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Innocent dogs are being torn away from their owners and either put on death-row or being shipped far away with the promise from their owners that they won't return to the area. Not only are Pit Bulls being shipped away and killed, but dogs that LOOK like Pit Bulls. Please stop this now, before it is too late.

Too many broken hearts have already occurred over this, owners crying over the forced departure of their beloved companions, and dogs never seeing the owners that they have come to adore again; all over their breed. Not all Pit Bulls are trained to be angry and mean. It is all a matter of how a dog is trained, as to how a dog will behave. Please open your hearts, and sign this petition. After all, if your dog's breed was suddenly restricted, or you were forced to depart with your companion, wouldn't you want to do something to stop it?

Letter to
The Goodland City Commission of Goodland, KS Mayor Annette Fairbanks
The Goodland City Commission of Goodland, Ks Mr. Brian Linin
Please remove Breed Specific Legislation from our community and lift the Ordinance Against Pit-Bulls/Pit-Bull Look-Alikes from Sherman County. The ordinance is unfair, costly to taxpayers to enforce, time consuming to enforcement agents, unnecessary, and most importantly ineffective. It is impossible to determine an individual dog's aggression based on their breed. Targeting the specific dangerous dog, not breeds of dogs, is the key to addressing the dog bite and "dangerous dog" problems. As an alternative to Breed Specific Legislation, we suggest investing in Animal Safety Programs within public schools (such as those offered in the state of Nevada). They educate children (the number one victim of dog bites) on how to treat and train animals and statistically, it has been greatly effective in decreasing the percentage of dog bites. We urge you to protect our community through effective educational means rather than ineffective costly, means of discrimination.

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