Petition: Reducing truck pollution in Clark-Knight Corridor and other city streets

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Reducing Health Risks from Traffic Pollution in Clark-Knight Corridor and other city streets

The Clark-Knight Corridor has the worst traffic pollution in Canada. It’s caused by the high number of older, heavy-duty diesel trucks travelling to the port. The traffic pollution can be detected as far as 250 metres from major roads. That puts tens of thousands of Vancouver residents at risk of respiratory diseases such as asthma and heart disease and lung cancer. It’s the residents with the lowest incomes, especially families with children and seniors, who end up living near the Clark-Knight Corridor, putting themselves at risk of serious health consequences.

We, the under-signed, support Councillor Jean Swanson’s motion to:

1) lower the limits for permitted pollutants such as nitrogen dioxide and phase out older trucks;
2) regulations restricting traffic pollution, particularly of the particulates (soot) and develop alternate fuels;
3) restrict future housing developments on the Clark-Knight Corridor;
4) work with the Vancouver School Board to reduce impacts on Fleming, Queen Alexandra and McBride Elementary Schools.

See the full motion here: (Councillors Motion B3)

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