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Keep the RVC Farmer's Market Open to all Vendors

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The Rockville Centre Farmer's Market has brought locally grown and artisanlly produced products to our village. It has become a hub of activity every Sunday, where neighbors meet, chat and share their love for good, sustainable, locally produced food for their families. In this day and age of rampant obesity, the crumbling of families, the death of local farms and the rise of factory farming, the Farmer's Market becomes an oasis. A place where the community comes together, where families can access food that is good for them, good for the planet and builds up the larger community rather than tearing it down. Limiting or eliminating the Market will be a huge step backward for the Village and its residents.

The Market makes RVC more desireable. We become even more of a hub on the South Shore for shoppers . Our community spirit is strengthened. And it brings revenue above and beyond the market itself--shoppers will stay in the village and patronize local merchants while here for the Market. And let's face it--all of this means a more sought-after Village, which ultimately raises home values. It's a pretty simple calculation.

The idea that specific vendors in the Market hurt local business is simply not valid. We live in The United States--the original free market economy. If a store that is open 6 or 7 days a week, 9 hours a day, can't compete with a vendor doing business for a total of 4 hours a week, there's a bigger problem there than a farmer's market. Do we want businesses that are that weak in our community? And since when do we Americans create protectionist policies that actually harm constituents? Limiting vendor participation is Un-American, bad for the economy and will alienate the voters you are sworn to protect. It's a bad deal all around.

Please keep the Rockville Centre Farmer's Market open, and open to all vendors. We will be strengthening families, the health of the community, and the health of the residents in it.

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