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Better service delivery in Virginia - Ward 9, Matjhabeng

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Municipal service delivery is at an all time low in Virginia. Our town is suffering due to the disinterest or inability of the ANC-led administration to take measures to deliver services to residents. The residents of Ward 9 pay their municipal accounts, yet have receive no countervalue in return. 


We require and demand that measures be implemented by Matjhabeng Municipality to ensure the delivery of the following services in Ward 9:



1.Potholes needs to be repaired;

2.Vegetation growing through road surface needs to be removed;

3.The streets are not being swept clean - Sand and gravel on road surfaces creates a road safety risk for road users;

4.Road markings are faded and needs repainting;

5.Road signs are faded and needs replacement;

6.All road sign posts needs repainting.


Storm water drains:

1.Steel frames have been stolen and needs replacing;

2.Concrete covers are broken;



Approximately 65% of street lights in Ward 9 are non-functional which creates a safety risk for all of the residents and makes it difficult to combat crime.


Traffic Robots:

Hazard lights at robot in Highlands Avenue is non-functional.


Refuse removal and disposal:

1.No receptacles are placed in CDS for refuse disposal.

2.No trucks to empty receptacles;

3.No fixed refuse removal schedule - no designated refuse truck for Virginia;

4.Refuse station is not being cleaned up and the refuse is not being driven away to the dumping site. Wastepickers have built houses around refuse station.

5.Entire town not being cleaned by workers. Refuse and garbage everywhere.



1.Cables are being stolen and substations are being plundered;

2.No alarm systems in substations;

3.No security patrols or presence at night at substations;

4.No cables/stock available to repair substations and cables properly.



1.Old infrastructure causes a lot of pipe bursts and water spillage.


Purified sewage water:

1.No purified water is available in town due to broken pumps.


Parks and recreation:

1.Parks are not being maintained and grass is not being cut;

2.Trees are not being trimmed or felled;

3.No water is available for irrigation;

4.Workers are unsupervised and sit around doing nothing;

5.All parks have been destroyed and are currently non-existent;

6.Harvinia clubhouse and premises not being maintained or upgraded;

7.Harvinia club fence stolen and not replaced;



Virginia cemetery:

1.Not being maintained - grass and trees not cut and area not being kept clean.


Municipal building and staff:

1.Telephones are non-functional;

2.Certain staff is generally rude and unhelpful with the public - no complaints procedure;

3.Complaints from the public are not being attended to by the municipality;

4.Stock shortages in workshops;

5.Vehicle shortages for officials doing repair work;

6.Municipal Building generally in a terrible condition which creates a bad work atmosphere;


Trespassing/Cattle in Town:

1.Cattle is grazing in town on the people’s front lawns and are walking around in the streets. This poses great traffic risks as well as certain health risks.


People residing in commercial buildings:

1.People are residing in commercial buildings in the CBD. These people mostly consist of the owners of the businesses and/or their workers. The health inspector and security must be sent to all commercial building to do inspection and take the appropriate action.


Arson and burning of refuse in CBD:

1.Business owners and/or their workers is burning refuse in the ally’s between buildings in the CDB. Municipal Security must be deployed to intervene and lay the necessary criminal charges.


Illegal businesses:

 1.Next to Henties Cilliers High School, a guesthouse with a sign reading “Rooms to rent” is conducting business. This property is not zoned for commercial purposes.


We require immediate intervention from the Mayor and his political structures to ensure the survival of our town.


Please support this petition in order for me to bring your voices to the town council.


DA regards - Ward Councillor Steyn Badenhorst

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