Say no to the possible opening of Casino Drive to Muirfield./ Twin Oaks Drive

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The proposed extension of Muirfield Drive/Twin Oaks will become a "main" street within a residential area and this is unacceptable . For this street to become another "Mountain Road" is definitely unwelcome. It seems to be very environmentally unfriendly to reroute the kind of traffic (a good quantity of commercial/industrial) to Muirfield Drive/Twin Oaks especially since trhis is a "mostly residential" area and most of the properties all along Mountain Rd. are zoned highway commercial-HC1.

Continued extension of Muirfield Drive/Twin Oaks will bring more and heavier types of traffic through this area. It is to be noted that the size of many of the tractor trailers are now in the 53' and 58' range and are very large.

Higher traffic volumes and type of traffic affect the safety of children in this area. The traffic that currently exists is traffic that has a reason to be here - residential traffic, deliveries, etc. If Muirfield Drive/Twin Oaks is opened it becomes a thoroughfare - other traffic will be using this route as a way from other areas.