Stop the Supportive Housing in the Center of Local Businesses, Schools and Family Homes

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Stop the Supportive Housing in the Center of Local Businesses, Schools and Family Homes

 “The Quality Inn at 6465-201 Street in the Township of Langley has been purchased and is undergoing renovation by BC Housing to convert the existing 50-room hotel into 49 units of supportive housing……”

This proposed supportive housing for the homeless is located in the Willowbrook mall area (Regional Center) and within walking distance to three schools, which are Langley Meadows Elementary School, RC Garnett and Fraser Valley Elementary School.

The neighborhood residents are very concerned about the followings:

1) some individuals can possibly be drawn to gather on the sidewalks right beside the busy 200 St; this may bring fatal risks to the supportive housing residents and the drivers on 200 St.
2) shopping mall parking lots and school grounds can possibly be occupied for using and selling drugs and engaging in vandalism and theft, thus, generally contributing to unhealthy and unsafe environment in the neighborhood, for the children, Langley residents, and for the merchandises. Furthermore, this site is within a busy commercial shopping mall areas which will be a significant compromise to the local business and neighborhood.
3) The supportive housing for the homeless located within walking distance to three schools is contradictory to the common values and belief that are held dear in our hearts to safe guard and protect children in our community and in our society.

We believe the supportive housing for the homeless is an essential element to help those who are in need, but its location should be strategically selected, systematically examined, and current, industry-rational and evidence-based study shall be used to determine the appropriateness of the supportive housing in the center of the long standing local businesses, schools and family homes.  

To conclude, we, as the local residents, strongly oppose to use this site as a supportive housing, and we are asking our leaders to find an alternative site fully supported by collaborative and rational study for this purpose.

A Group of Concerned Local Residents

Oct. 20, 2017