MidCoast Council NSW must protect and enhance our natural environment!

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We demand genuine and immediate community consultation before any amendments are made to the DCP (Development Control Plan) and LEP (Local Environment Plan).

Do you care about preserving and enhancing the beautiful green natural environment?

 If so you have been betrayed by MidCoast Councillors.

 Look how they voted on September 26th – and weep!  Or join MEG Midcoast Environment Group and fight for genuine community consultation on this important issue. 

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PLEASE realise this is not just about being able to clear your backyard - the tree and vegetation protection applies to environmental zones.  To quote from the report on Harmonisation presented to Council by Roger Busby in September:

 Is there other legislation that protects trees in urban and environmental zones? In the absence of tree removal controls there is no other legislation that is of any practical effect in managing the removal of vegetation in urban and environmental zones.


From Midcoast Council Ordinary Meeting 260918 re Report on Harmonisation of tree and vegetation controls


1. That the information be noted; and 

2. That the GLC DCP be formally amended to remove all tree and vegetation controls; and 

3. That a workshop* be held as soon as possible to discuss the introduction of a significant tree register or other such mechanisms to protect significant trees.

FOR VOTE - Cr D West, Cr B Christensen, Cr L Roberts, Cr K Bell, Cr J McWilliams,Cr T Fowler, Cr K Hutchinson

AGAINST VOTE - Cr C Pontin, Cr P Epov, Cr K Smith

ABSENT. DID NOT VOTE - Cr D Keegan *NOT a public workshop