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Ban the Sale of Bottled Water in Whistler, BC

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Plastic waste has gotten completely out of hand in present society. Over 1 million sea birds and 100,000 mammals die from plastic in our oceans. Currently there is a mass of plastic waste floating in the Pacific ocean that is twice the size of Texas. 

One of the most preventable sources of this plastic waste comes from water bottles. While there is a time and place for bottled water, our society takes this amenity for granted, using bottled water when unnecessary. Nowhere is this more of a reality than in Whistler, BC where the local water supply is some of the cleanest and best-tasting water around.

We, the citizens and visitors to this mountain paradise, wish to set an example to the world to show that in places where clean water is abundant that plastic water bottles are not welcome. With millions of visitors every year, Whistler has a unique position to educate visitors on making a conscious shift toward reusable containers. The shift can be easy, but we need support from local government to get rid of the temptations for convenience at the expense of the environment. Many other communities have already set the precedent, and hopefully Whistler can be part of the change toward a more sustainable future. This is one important step in that direction.

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