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My parents live with us in our Maple Ridge home. My dad is 70 years old and keeps homing pigeons as his hobby in an exceptionally clean and well-maintained pigeon loft in our backyard now for 6 years. My dad is retired, has a heart condition, and cannot do much exercise; taking care of the pigeons keeps him going every day at least for an hour or two. He is also very active in the last remaining racing pigeon club in the lower mainland.

After receiving a notice from the City of Maple Ridge that the pigeons are not permitted according to the current bylaw, we are now petitioning the City Council to change this bylaw so that my dad can keep his pigeons and continue with his only hobby that brings him much joy and adds to a healthy lifestyle and his quality of life.

My dad’s pigeons are well-trained, land only on the loft and go inside immediately. They are never left to roam around outside, because then the hawks, falcons and owls catch them. We have received compliments from all our neighbours around us, saying they enjoy watching the beautiful flying birds very much, when they happen to be outside while the pigeons are exercising. My dad’s pigeons are all like pets, because they were all born and raised in his loft; he loves them very much and gives them the absolute best care … it will be a VERY SAD day if he has to get rid of them.
So, please help us keep our beautiful pigeons by supporting this petition.