A new Aquatic Centre for Port Alberni

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Port Alberni’s pool is 54 years old and runs the risk of failure with each passing year.  It has none of the modern amenities new pools have and citizens want.  It is a critical piece of infrastructure for the health and well-being of our community, and is unacceptable if it is allowed to get to the point of shutting down.  A new Aquatic Centre is long overdue.

It’s time City Council made a new Aquatic Centre its priority—not in words but in action—and not by shifting its replacement onto the ACRD.  Council continues to focus on projects they believe are priorities for our community while neglecting to ask the taxpayers what we consider them to be.

The city should to be saving reserve funds for the Aquatic Centre, not spending them on projects that won’t give nearly the same benefit to the community.

Quality services and facilities are what sustain our community and what attracts people to live here.  If you have a good foundation you can build on it.  We have the Multiplex, a great hospital, and a new high school as strong cornerstones.  A beautiful new Aquatic Centre would be a long-needed addition, a great improvement to the quality of life for all residents, and a source of pride for the Valley.

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