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A Montgomery
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Dear City Council Members, 
As residents of the City of Davis, we strongly object to the City’s proposal to build a homeless/respite shelter at the city’s public works corporation, including the community gardens, on 5th Street, as well as the entrance on L Street.  This proposal has grossly neglected an utmost issue: the safety and security of our schoolchildren, the most vulnerable population. 

The proposed location, with potential access from 5th, N and L Streets, lies directly adjacent to the following:  Manor Davis Community/surrounding communities; 5th Street Community Gardens; Children’s Playground/N Street; pathway used by children attending school; also, located one-half mile from Da Vinci High School.

The impact of proposed homeless/respite shelter, including but not limited to sanitary risks, substance abuse, and potentially illegal activities, cannot be effectively shielded from our children. While we feel strongly that the issue of homelessness must be addressed in every city, we also believe that the safety of our children and elderly drastically outweighs the benefits of this proposed location.   

For this shelter to operate at its proposed location, the City must comply with a ZERO tolerance policy in order to protect our children’s safety, security and well-being, and prevent undue influences from illicit behavior. If one incident of public indecency or drug proliferation or any harm to a child occurs, residents will demand the immediate and complete closure of the homeless/respite shelter. Furthermore, the good intention behind this shelter would pale in comparison to the huge financial consequences and prolonged litigation against the City of Davis and its taxpayers if such incidents occur.  
We request the City of Davis to please reconsider this shelter location as we believe that the proposed mitigation measures are simply insufficient to ensure a zero-incident environment surrounding the proposed location because of the close proximity of the shelter to so many of our children, elderly and families.