Re-Appoint L. Jason Smith as Commissioner for Hoboken Housing Authority Board

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As a lifelong Hoboken and over 30 year resident of the Hoboken Housing Authority, it has been an honor and pleasure for me to represent this community over the last year as a Commissioner on the Hoboken Housing Authority Board. As I was appointed by Mayor Ravi Bhalla to complete the unfinished term of my predecessor, my time on the board has been limited to the one year left on this unfinished term. I would like to be re-appointed to a new five year term to continue to serve the residents of the Hoboken Housing Authority community.

Aside from my 30 plus years as a resident of the Hoboken Housing Authority, and 40 plus years as a Hoboken resident, I am also a career educator with over 17 years of experience. I spent 10 years as a mathematics teacher and the last seven year serving as as a mathematics supervisor, assessment supervisor and assistant principal. I have have a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Master's degrees in Educational Supervision and Administration, Accounting and Business Administration. I am also Trustee on board of the Hoboken Relief Fund and a member of the Use of Force Committee for the Hoboken Police Department.

In my short time on the board, I successfully completed all the courses required to serve as Commissioner in under six months, while scoring a perfect 100 percent on the final exam for four out of the six course. Over the last year, I have served on the Admittance and Continued Occupancy Committee, which was responsible recently rewriting the ACOP policy, the Security Committee, which meets regularly with the Hoboken Police Department and I have worked with numerous tenants to ensure that their concerns are appropriately addressed.

As we move into the critical process of repairing, redeveloping and improving the Hoboken Housing Authority community, I believe it is imperative to have Commissioners who are educated, experienced and passionate about this community. Please sign this petition to keep L. Jason Smith on the Hoboken Housing Authority Board.