Save Back On Track Recovery

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If the City of Surrey closes down Back On Track Recovery, fifty young men will be made homeless.  If a person in early recovery is denied his home and  support, he will most assuredly return to his addiction.  And if an addict has not used in a while, he will be quite vulnerable to a fatal overdose.  THIS IS A MATTER OF LIFE AND DEATH.  

The reason for the closure: we lack two business licenses that were guaranteed to us from the previous city administration (we have 4 licenses, we should have 6).   Back On Track has been in operation for 6+ years, served over 1200 recovering addicts, without a single fatal overdose, complaint/issue from community and having passed all inspections.

Surrey Bylaw has informed us that our existing business licenses will be revoked as of July 10 because we have been unable to retain provincial registration.   This is an unfair position.  We have been attempting to receive provincial registration for over 3 1/2 years but have been caught in a virtual catch 22.   We could not obtain registration without all our business licenses and we could not obtain business licenses without our provincial registration.  To close such a great resource down due to bureaucratic red-tape and make so many young men homeless in the midst of a fentanyl epidemic and a housing crisis is an atrocity that we simply much not allow to happen.