Reject massive 9-storey development proposal on Bargara Esplanade.

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A huge 9-storey development proposal is being pushed through Bundaberg Regional Council without proper regard to potential impacts on the iconic Mon Repos turtle breeding ground or on the charming village atmosphere of Bargara that is cherished by residents and visitors alike.

With 62 above-ground apartments and a rooftop food and drink outlet, the light from this building, named “Bargara Jewel”, is likely to adversely affect both adult turtles and hatchlings. This very real risk has not been adequately acknowledged in the current development application. With more than 30,000 national and international visitors each year, Mon Repos is invaluable both for turtle conservation and for the local economy, and this development puts both in serious jeopardy.

There has been no opportunity for public comment or government scrutiny as the development has been deemed only “code assessable”. This is despite it being THREE TIMES the height of other Bargara buildings, and almost DOUBLE the height occasionally allowed (5-storeys) for “exemplary” developments.

As a decision on this application will be made very soon, it is urgent that it be rejected in its current form and revised to safeguard the national treasure that is Mon Repos. 

Please sign to help ensure the future of turtles at Mon Repos and the amenity of Bargara.