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Reinstate the rightful term of the Christmas Tree to the "Holiday Festival" in Kearny NJ.

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The Christmas tree is a decorated tree associated with the celebration of Christmas.  Since the 1980s, there have been many instances when official public mentions and references to Christmas trees were renamed to "holiday trees".  Efforts have also been made to rename official public holiday trees back to the Christmas trees.  

In the spirit of respecting all religions, this petition is to request the reinstatement of the term Christmas tree which was stripped away from the Christian community in Kearny, NJ by the substitution and use of the term "holiday tree", "The Holiday Tree Lighting Festival" and "The Annual Kearny Tree Lighting Festival".

There are some folks asking what is the big deal with changing the name of the Christmas tree? Our question is, why was the original name, the Christmas tree stripped away from the Kearny holiday event to begin with? Approximately 89% of the population in Kearny, NJ are Christians. If the reason for the distortion and use of the term "holiday tree" is because the holiday event name must be neutral then exclude the term "Christmas tree" out of the name of the event entirely but don't alter the term" Christmas Tree" to fit your need.

Is sitting for the National Anthem also not a big deal to the folks that don't care about tradition? We consider this issue just as important as respecting the American Flag and National Anthem. Respect, it matters!!!

#1 We are not "hateful bigots"
#2 We are not "divisive troublemakers"
#3 We are inclusive, and want nothing more than to bring all traditions to the event including Christian traditions.
#4 We are not asking for any other religion to give up THEIR tradition/symbol
#5 We are not asking for anything that is not already associated to the Christian religion.
#6 Why was the Christian tradition/symbol singled out?
#7 What about the Christian community's feelings? Christians are inclusive, yes! Please don't alienate us.
#8 Please name the event as you please without changing the name of the Christian symbol, the Christmas Tree. Please allow it to remain what it has always been throughout the ages, our beloved Christmas tree.

Thank you and I hope you are all enjoying this Christmas Season.

The signatures gathered for this petition will be presented before the Kearny Council Meeting for consideration.  

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