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Michele Susko
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We recently learned that Verizon (through a company called Pro Tel) plans to roll out 5G service in our neighborhood. I was told that BP is the first Albany neighborhood in which this is planned.

5G technology is much stronger than previous 3 and 4G service which will allow for greater capacity to stream movies, etc. However, it broadcasts at a shorter range so it requires far more points of contact than the current cell phone technology. We can expect 60 of these new cell towers to be installed in our neighborhood, as there must be a tower at every 500 feet. Although these towers are somewhat less intrusive than older versions, the number required will have a significant impact the suburban aesthetic of our neighborhood.

Of greater concern to many of us, are the potential health impacts from the increase in electromagnetic field exposure (EMF) that these 60 new towers will bring. There is a growing body of evidence regarding the association between EMF exposure and cancer as well as other chronic health conditions. In fact, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) recently raised the classification of cell phone radiation from “possible” to “probable” carcinogen.

Dr. David Carpenter, the Director of the Institute for Health and the Environment at the University at Albany has studied the health effects of EMFs extensively. He has partnered with 179 other scientists in 35 countries to urge caution with 5G technology.

We know that one Bay Area city (Mill Valley, CA) was able to stop this with support of the Mayor and City Council. We DO NOT want this in our neighborhood and we are need Mayor Sheehan's support to fight it.