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Fire Safety Service Director Michael Dreger

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  There is a current situation going on in the City of Alliance with the Safety Service Director and the Police Department, and City residents are being kept in the dark. The City is refusing to investigate recent and current activities and expenditures of those activities authorized and performed by the city's administration as they pertain to the operations of the Alliance Police Department and to determine if those actions and expenditures were proper. We as residents want answers and it appears as though all City Administration wants to do is hide behind the "attorney client privilege" statement or use Executive Sessions so they don't have to share with the public.

  The Safety Service Director Michael Dreger has shown his obvious discontent with the Alliance Police Department on several occasions, with a few examples being the promotion of a Lieutenant then going to demote him back to Sergeant almost immediately, then filling the Assistant Police Chief positions only with the intention of abolishing the position and making the Assistant Chief a Captain. Then the current situation of placing the Chief on paid Administrative leave and Council having no knowledge of this. This is NOT the first time Michael Dreger has side stepped Council and acted on his own. He drew dozens of people to a Council meeting back in March over a situation involving a Boat at Westville Lake, as well as increasing fees at the lake and also starting improvements there when the City is in a financial crisis and City Council knew NOTHING ABOUT this. The fact also is Michael Dreger was unable to conclude contract negotiations with the police and fire departments, costing the city excessive legal fees. It is clear Michael Dreger is abusing his power and does not have the best interest of the residents in this City in mind and for this we are upon receipt of this petition calling for the TERMINATION of Michael Dreger from his position as Safety Service Director of the City of Alliance.

   The actions of Michael Dreger are having a direct affect on our Police Officers and other Safety Service personnel. It is so bad that for the first time in the history of the City Of Alliance a group or union has voted a NO CONFIDENCE vote against someone in City Administration and this has occurred with Michael Dreger, when FOP Lodge #73 which is a representation of Alliance Police Officers had a vote of NO CONFIDENCE him. We are asking people to please sign this petition and share it with your friends so we can get as many signatures as possible.

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