Relocate Duncan's Warmland House homeless shelter and the Safe Injection site

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The Warmland homeless shelter has been posing problems on the surrounding family oriented community for far too long.  With the announcement of the safe injection site to move into the community as well, this is a serious problem.  There are lots of nice homes and families living in this area along with two schools and a beautiful environmental conservation area.  There are daily disturbances to these peoples homes and families quite living enjoyment.  These families and their children should not be subject to the drug abuse and constant disturbance the Warmland homeless shelter poses.  The endless piles of garbage, shopping carts full of personal items and used needles left lying around the neighbourhood is a serious problem in our community.  We are tax paying citizens and take pride in our homes and community.  We are asking government to step in and relocate the shelter to an area where they will not be of such disturbance.  It devalues our properties and puts our childrens health, safety and well being at risk.  I've spoken with many people within the community and they all agree, the amount of drug related disturbances in our area is not ok and that something must be done to stop this.  So we have made a petition to relocate the Warmland homeless shelter to an area in which the drug abusing homeless people will not threaten our community, jeopardize our children's safety, our devalue our properties anymore.  Please sign this petition to help clean up our streets and save our community.