Save Clarington's Canteens!

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Clarington's Arena Canteens are possibly being closed down. I was speaking to a Councillor and they mentioned that they may be sold off to a Franchise (keep in mind a Franchise would only be thinking about the bottom line), or the space could just be to accommodate office usage. This would take away job opportunities for our youth. I think we pay enough in taxes to support our youth.

I have been living in Clarington for over 16 years and I have had 3 kids playing sports at all the facilities and one of them was previously employed as a concession attendant. I was told that the reasoning for this closure was to save money. Saving money sounds to me like an excuse by our Mayor and Council, when in truth it sounds like they are saying that our youth aren't worth it! I'm sure, however, if Clarington Management or Council needed wage increases the money would be available. I wanted to make all parents aware that this is happening because this change would be such a mistake for our youth, active community and anyone who eats at the arenas. This change reminds me a lot of what Tim Horton's recently did with their employees after the wage increase.

I want to first reach out to any parents with youth in Clarington who are of the age of employment. If any of your children do work for the Town and go off to school and return as employees in our municipality or any other government position they are able to use the part-time employment they already have had towards their pension. In this day and age that opportunity for our children is amazing and cannot be overlooked.

The fact that I have often eaten food, coffee and popcorn at the canteen on the nights that I came straight from work to catch one of my kid's hockey or lacrosse games cannot be overlooked. I would much rather be feeding myself and family food that is vetted by the Municipality of Clarington over a franchise that would be only concerned with bottom line. The franchise would be serving foods that are made to last long on shelves and contain extremely high sodium, fats, sugars and other chemical combinations that are unsuitable for people to consume regularly. I am not saying that the current lineup of foods served is overly health conscious, however, I am saying that I know the Town would throw food out that had passed the expiry date and would only serve foods from known local (Ontario) vendors that are not chemically treated. This means that we are not only supporting employing our community youth but also supporting businesses in Ontario.

I would also like to point out that the Town made my daughter get a criminal background check before she could be employed. I doubt very much that a franchise would do the same thing. Who would end up serving our children and family food!?

The fact that our Council and Management would close down a service (yes, they are providing a service to us, the taxpayers) that would affect our youth and surrounding businesses cannot happen! My family and yours will be affected by this change in one way or another!

If you live in Clarington please sign this petition and stand up for youth!

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