"The Jewel" of Ladysmith should be rezoned as Park Land, NOT Housing.

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Recently, a piece of property held by the Town Of Ladysmith zoned CD4A (waterfront reserve) was rezoned as residential, allowing 6 storey condos and townhomes to be built.  Although there was public consultation in the form of meetings and online surveys, the response from the general public was not taken into consideration in this decision.  Data from the town's own public survey shows that 76% of respondents were opposed to high rise residential, 60% were in favor of keeping the existing 3 storey height limit, and residential development was not even in the top 10 priorities for the community.  The results of that survey showed that recreational use and beach access were preferable to development and housing.  Even though only 10% of the population responded to that survey, I feel it is a more accurate representation of the wishes of the people of Ladysmith than the second survey that was sent out that less than 5% of the population responded to.  In the second survey was a vaguely worded question asking if one supported the residential development in the plan which 49% were in favor of, and based on that figure council moved ahead with the plans.  In addition, many of the facts presented in the survey were misleading, such as stating that the existing property was not park land, although "nature park" is specifically a permitted use in the definition of CD4A.  This was not a legally binding, democratic process but an input gathering unofficial survey and should not be the basis for the loss of such an important piece of property bordering the park.  This park is the heart of Ladysmith, this property is aptly named "The Jewel", and this should never have proceeded without a referendum and the due diligence of democracy.

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