Mayo Needs an Animal Inspector

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The abuse, torture and neglect of innocent and defenceless animals in Mayo has to stop immediately. Distressed animal charities throughout the county receive countless calls every day regarding animals that have been injured, abused, starved and left to die. The scenes they encounter are horrifying and nothing is being done to prevent it. Unfortunately, charities and volunteers are powerless to do anything, as they do not have the authority to intervene. 

We are calling on Mayo County Council to appoint and fund an ISPCA Inspector immediately so that our animals will get the love and care they deserve.

Every day, animals are crying out for help.

We cannot wait any longer.

Please sign our petition, which will be presented to Mayo County Council and relevant members of the Irish Government.


****** About the picture*******

This picture is terribly upsetting, but surely nothing to what the poor dog had suffered. Many of you will remember this story. We called the dog Sirius, he was pulled out of the River Moy on St Patricks Day in Ballina 2015. We called him this because although he was anonymous in life as are many abandoned and neglected dogs but we wanted to give him a name.

At the time we appealed for help in identifying the dog and of course the perpetrator - someone took the time to tie Sirius to a breeze block and coldly threw him into the river. For those of us who attended on that day it was heartbreaking. Sirius's story touched many people far and wide, but now over 3 years later, we are still without an Inspector in Mayo. County Mayo covers a huge area and sadly cruelty to defenceless animals seems to be a constant. Please support us, North West SPCA needs your help to help us to help them.