Mayo Needs an Animal Inspector

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Thank you people of Mayo!

We're overwhelmed by the huge support for our campaign to get an Animal Inspector appointed in Co Mayo! Every volunteer who has seen unbearable cruelty is smiling today, because you all took the time to help us! :) 

Just two things to note:

1. Many have asked why the Dog Warden is not dealing with this issue. Unfortunately, it is not in her remit. The Dog Warden deals with micro-chipping, licenses and stray dogs. They have no authority in matters of cruelty.

2. We have received requests to change the picture, because some find it too graphic to share. For now, we have to respectfully decline, as this is the reality of what is happening in our county. We had so many horrific pictures to choose from, this is not an isolated case. Please understand that we can't shy away from the problem any more. We must face what the authorities have allowed to happen. 

*** BUT we are trying to figure out if we can use two photos (one for those more sensitive). We will keep you all updated.

THANK YOU again, we hope this makes a big difference x

North West SPCA
2 years ago