Maynilad Water Services Inc. should explain the poor maintenance of their infrastructure

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Maynilad Water Services Inc. has started a so called "emergency maintenance" on March 5, 2018, with various explanations (where none were actually confirmed).

The maintenance window was initially set for 12 hours, later extended to 17 and 21 hours leaving tens of thousands of residents without water supply for almost a full day. 

Maynilad Water Services Inc. has made no attempts to explain the situation whereas citizens are aware of the poor infrastructure planning on the company. Maintenance will only be performed close or after disastrous incidents, apparently to save cost as much as possible.

We, the citizens of Cavite and citizens of other affected areas, think that a major utility provider like Maynilad, should carry some responsibility to how and where it deploys its funds to constantly improve the infrastructure and maintain a certain level of reliability. Sadly, Maynilad has repeatedly rejected taking on those responsibilities.

We demand a public explanation of how a company can be allowed to avoid responsibility without any effects on its own, without governmental fines or really any action at all.  

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