Save Our Sledding Hill (at Coolidge Park)

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At the May 21 town meeting, Maynard citizens will be voting on whether or not to permit the Board of Selectmen (and women!) to sell the Coolidge School. Unfortunately, the lot boundary (as currently drawn) means that the sledding hill would be eliminated.

Please sign this petition, and paper versions that you will soon see circulating, to show your SUPPORT FOR RE-DRAWING THE COOLIDGE LOT BOUNDARY ZONE, so that the sledding hill is preserved.

This sledding hill is the only one that is within walking distance of a majority of town kids and their families. While saving historical buildings is important, it's also important to save the special places like sledding hills and playgrounds where memories are made and traditions can carry on from one generation to the next.

Unfortunately, many townspeople, especially the kids and families who use Coolidge Park the most, were unaware of the ramifications of the ongoing discussions, so did not have an opportunity to weigh in with their opinions regarding eliminating the sledding hill.

In addition to SIGNING AND WIDELY SHARING THIS PETITION, I encourage Maynard citizens and kids to ATTEND THE MAY 21, 7:00 pm town meeting at the Fowler School Auditorium on Tiger Drive and to be prepared to speak up against eliminating the sledding hill. This fourth article is early on the agenda, so the timing is kid-friendly. We may also need to be prepared to (temporarily) vote down this 4th article if the town is unwilling or unable to change the lot boundary line prior to the May 21 town meeting.