Paid upgrade in Tata Hexa Infotainment system.

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TataHexaOwneRs is a community that we started when Tata Hexa was just announced. We were fans from day one, and slowly fans became owners and TataHexaOwneRs (THOR) became a group of like minded people all owning the same vehicle. As on 31st May we are close to a Thousand active members who are verified owners. We absolutely love it. It has taken us places we didn't think cars could go. In style and comfort, unmatched.

We have some issues about the Harman Infotainment System. Even though the rest of the car is as close to current generation tech as we would prefer, the infotainment system is out dated.

Our main issues with the system.
Small and low resolution screen with resistive touch. 7 inch is standard in even small hatch backs these days.
No Android Auto
No Apple Car Play
No inbuilt Navigation system. (Connectivity and compatibility with Navimaps is a joke really)

The problem worsens further when we go the aftermarket way, the cut out for the system doesn't allow a standard fitment for any other touch screen systems to fit. And even if it was done some how the BCM functions like mood lighting, central locking time outs etc will stop working. So a simple aftermarket swap is out of the question.

Most of Tata Hexa owners have taken the car for outstation driving and without inbuilt map system / Google maps mirroring navigation becomes a big challenge. Navimaps hangs half of the time or doesn't get connected. 

We implore you to have a paid upgrade option, whether as a standalone accessory or a standard fitment. Let us be clear, we are not asking for free upgrades. All we want is an option to upgrade without loosing the BCM functionality and have features that are lacking which we listed above. This initiative can be a pivotal step in Tatas Turnaround 2.0 Strategy and bolster the Customer Centric image of the Company at the same time.

We are your fans and love the Tata Hexa, trusting the name and the brand of TATA we request you to look into our request which should not be of a loss to your good self and your company and please do consider that not many of us can afford to upgrade to a new car so soon, so plz thoroughly consider our request.