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Stop Genocide | Save the Rohingya

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The Hidden Genocide

Unknown to the world is the genocide of Rohingya Muslims in Rakhine State, Myanmar. The UN calls them "the most persecuted people on Earth". Since, and arguably before, 2012, Rohingya Muslims have been relentlessly persecuted by their so-called democratic government and extremist Buddhists because of their ‘alienness’ in terms of skin color, language, and religion. Approximately 1.1 million Rohingya have been stripped of their citizenship. Driven out of their homes, tens of thousands of Rohingya have been confined to camps in Bangladesh. There is substantial evidence of human rights abuses, war crimes, and genocide. Myanmar’s recent rejection of the UN probe should raise pressing questions and should be fought against to protect the hundreds of thousands of Rohingya who are being raped, murdered, and forced to flee.

Insofar, the international community’s response to the Rohingya crisis has been to call on the government of Myanmar to initiate an investigation themselves. However, the government has no interest in bringing to justice those committing crimes against Rohingya because they themselves have been corroborating with the criminals. Extremist Buddhist organizations promise government officials their electorates. In return, these organizations expect the government to support their cause in the ethnic cleansing of Myanmar. 

The latest executive order revoked Myanmar's national emergency status because the opposition party has won a majority of seats in parliament and is transitioning into democracy. This false sense of democracy is an attempt to cover the ethnic cleansing of an entire minority.

Aid organizations have faced severe restrictions, harrassments, and threats of expulsion from Rakhine state. Humanitarian aid is needed for all those impoverished in the second poorest state in Myanmar. We need legislation that will ensure unrestricted humanitarian access in Rakhine state as well as international investigations into the hidden genocide of the Rohingya. Let's make sure that no other minority's rights gets infringed upon anywhere else in the world. Sign this petition and tell your friends and family! 


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