May 9th, Europe Day, should become a national holiday throughout the European Union

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On May 9th, Europe Day is celebrated. Far too few people know this, even though the celebration was instituted in 1985: at best, the majority of citizens could have discovered it only through sporadic newspaper articles, because last year even Google has forgotten to mark it with a Doodle. On the other hand, those who are aware of Europe Day probably studied it at school. But a festivity should be celebrated, not studied merely in books or remembered only with ceremonies in government buildings.

What I am asking for is that sooner or later we may officially have it as a national holiday in every country of the European Union, because I believe that today Europe needs initiatives, like this one, which can be a source of cohesion and fraternity. Indeed, I strongly believe that in order to create a growing European consciousness, this day must not remain a festivity only on paper; it needs to be celebrated as a national holiday throughout the Union.

One could say that formally we are not a federation, but it is precisely for our uniqueness and at the same time our diversity that we should have a day in which to recognise the common history of our membership. After all, isn't "United in diversity" the motto of the EU? So why do we still not have our European national day?

That is why I invite you to sign this petition