We the People to remind Our Elected officials who they Work for demand!

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Alexandra Leigh Nabarro Reese started this petition to Senator Elizabeth Warren and

We the American People as the People of the United States regardless of Party.

Will Remind the Leaders of our Federal and State Governments of An Unassailable Truth.    YOU Are PUBLIC SERVANTS. Brought to your Offices by the Voice and Vote of Every Registered Voter of the Nation and States you Serve. NO longer Can we the People Who you should Answer to Everyday of your Office continue to act and conduct yourselves as if you were anointed Monarchs only answerable to the Largest Purchasers of your Time. From 2017 forward we have watched as Our Nation One of the World's superpowers be slowly turned into the Laughingstock of the world. We have watched and Feared that the actions of a Man who's Very mental stability has been called into question by the Leadership of the free world, could lead to the First all out Nuclear war between powers in Possession of Fusion weaponry.    We Have had to stand Idly by as we learn on a near daily basis that OUR Public Servants have not only opened their Pockets to accept Monies from a Known Enemy of the Nation but to also have that Nation interfere with the Most sacred thing we have as free citizens! OUR electoral Process.

This Ends today We he People who Put you in your Offices will Now be the ones to Remind you of who you are and for whom you work for:

TO Whit:

We the People Petition for a New National and State Congress to set into Law a New and Binding Set of requirements for any office Holder in the United States at the State and Federal Level.  These would go into effect after a National Period of Discussion and final ratification.

Campaign Rules and Process: 

NO one seeking office or reelection shall be allowed to raise and use no more than Nine thousand dollars ( 9,000.00) usd

 No Further Large Pocket Special interest Groups: Corporations Small Business Private investors PAC's etc. No person running for any office shall be allowed to receive any funds over One Hundred dollars (100.00)usd. Slush funds No "Gifts" No behind the scenes business deals.   YOU are the Servants of the People   Behave with the Highest Moral and Ethical intent. This option will be revisited during reelection Periods so the People as a Whole may set more specific rules as needed.

NO one running for office may refuse to follow the regulations in regard to Showing Assets, Income, Tax information,Ties with Foreign states  either Ally or Enemy. Failure to do this when required by refined Campaign laws currently in place will result in the Formation of a Special Prosecutor to Begin the Process to remove any candidate not complying. Special Prosecutor will Have the Authority to use the means necessary to conduct his office and make everyone running for office Accountable to the Law of the Land.    

Once in office:

Term Limits .. All office Holders Elected by State or National Election Shall be limited to two(2) Four Year Terms (4). Office Holders gaining office through the Process of  the Line of succession  situation shall include the term they serve from succession as Part of the Four (4) Year Terms. No longer will America suffer from the stench of "Elected monarchs" If a President must serve only Eight(8) Years then All Elected Public servants shall abide by this.


All Elected officials at the Federal and State level shall receive an annual salary of Twenty thousand, seven hundred and eighty dollars.($20,780)usd. This is the Current level of Income designate for a family of three(3) under the Federal Poverty Guideline from HHS. Within this No further privileges other than those Necessary to the performance of the Elected officials duties shall be allowed.

NO Income during Government Shutdown: No elected official shall during the Period of Time the Federal or state government has shut down due to budget crisis or by manipulation of Elected officials  created a crisis that ends with closure. No money lost during this time will be recovered.

NO Income while Any Citizen is Homeless in poverty, or lacks the basic right to access affordable  Healthcare and Medications.or any Basic need.  Elected officials are elected to make sure this Nation and it's Citizens do not lack the basic needs any human requires. If all basic needs for every registered citizen and their families are not addressed by the electorate what is their purpose and why should they receive money from We the People.

No Lifetime Salaries 

From the Point these changes are ratified no longer shall any Elected official have the privileges of a lifetime salary after serving or lifetime security paid for by We the People. All Elected officials who do not Invest from their own incomes into retirement programs such as the average Citizen should and must invest in for their own retirements neither should a "Public Servant" be given a lifetime salary nor privileges above the Average Citizen.

Healthcare for elected officials:

No Elected official is above the Average Citizen they were elected by to serve. No longer shall Elected officials be allowed to have healthcare programs paid for by We the People. They will be Plans available to the average  working Citizen that their employers offer them. All elected officials shall out of their own Pockets Pay for all of their own healthcare requirements. Medical care will be accessed from the exact same places and with the exact same considerations currently imposed on the Average citizens. Holding an Office does not mean you require faster or more intensive care than what can be paid for by your own pockets.  If the Process of Healthcare that our Past "Public Servants" have expected We the People to have and use  by their votes in Congress and Senate and Oval office then it is Good enough for the "Public Servants" of the Land.

Privileges and Perks: 

No longer shall any Public servant be allowed to use Taxpayer funds for Office redecoration.Personal travel not tied to the "Actual"execution of their Job. NO longer shall the spouses of the electorate gain by the office holder  No longer shall the Electorate conduct feeding frenzies of the Money entrusted to them by We the People.  An Ethical and Moral Public Servant has no need to enrich themselves by the Sweat of the Common man.    The Swamp shall be Drained by We the People.

Failure to follow or actual acts of Malfeasance will be tried no longer by the Congress or Senate but by Special Prosecutors such as the current types in place and they shall have the powers and permissions to bring to justice any Elected official who acted above the law of the land.

This is not a Matter to discuss This is something that Must become the law of the Land regarding it's Elected officials those "Public Servants" it is being demanded by We the People who each elected official works for. If the electorate had remembered who they are and who they work for we should not have had to come to this Point. But Here we are and Here we must stand and enact these items if we are to retain the Nation from the Brink of Anarchy. 

We the People of the United States of America





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