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Support H.R. 2972: Alzheimer's Caregiver Support Act

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To Honorable Members of the House of Representatives:

Sign this petition to support H.R. 2972 Alzheimer's Caregiver Support Act.  According to United States Congress, this bill proposes to “amend the Public Health Service Act to authorize the Department of Health and Human Services to make grants to public and nonprofit private health care providers to expand training and support services for families and caregivers of people living with Alzheimer’s disease or a related dementia.” 

Why is the passing of this bill important?

It appears to be evident that caregivers of individuals with Alzheimer’s disease become “burnt out” and can essentially lead to a caregiver neglecting their own emotional, physical, and spiritual health.  Most of the caregivers are unpaid, relatives of those who they are caring for, and not properly trained.  With the passing of this bill, it will provide caregivers to those with Alzheimer's disease the proper training and support services they need.

How could occupational therapy be included in this bill?

If this bill is passed, it could have potential significant impacts on the life of a caregiver.  With the grants that organizations can receive from this bill, it will allow them to educate, train, and provide services for caregivers to learn proper ways to care for their loved ones, as well as give them the support they need from others to be a better caregiver.  Occupational therapists play a vital role in this bill, they could organize and assist the granted organization in running training sessions, as well as the support services for the caregivers. Occupational therapists could also assist with providing information to the public on Alzheimer’s disease and the effects it can have on everyone involved. 

Occupational therapists can help individuals with Alzheimer’s disease, as well as their caregivers to live their lives to the fullest potential.  They can do this by providing adaptation techniques to the environment and focus on what they can do to be able to maximize the individual's engagement in their occupations, improve their safety, and enhance their quality of life.  It has been shown that implementing caregiver training services can reduce caregiver burden, as well as increase quality of life in individuals with Alzheimer’s disease.

The passage of this bill will give many opportunities for caregivers to access support services as well as participate in adequate and appropriate training to care for their loved ones. We the individuals listed below would appreciate your support for the potential enactment of H.R. 2972: Alzheimer's Caregiver Support Act.


Maria Sisto, OTS

Principal Petitioner

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