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Maximum Penalty for Animal Abusers Who Tortured Pot Bellied Pig

There comes a time when individuals as well as society as a whole must take a stand and do what is right morally and legally on behalf of animals who do not have a voice or choice about their circumstances. We can no longer ignore abuse and cruelty of animals in our society. Please take a stand for this poor little animal who suffered terribly at the hands of its abusers. Let's send a message to our judicial system, asking that harsher penalties are given for cruelty to animals.

Letter to
Founder Lynn Perrier
Provincial Court of Ontario Presiding Justice for Regina vs Veinotte/Mawson
Provincial Prosecutor Ms Yvonne Goebel
and 1 other
Minister of Community, Safety and Correctional Services Hon. Madeleine Meilleur
In February 2012, Ms. Roxanne Veinotte and Mr. Mathew Mawson were charged with two counts of animal cruelty for imprisoning a pot-bellied pig in the basement of their Vanier home.

The atrocities suffered by this animal included a lack of basic care such as trimming its hooves, allowing it out of the basement for exercise and fresh air, and providing food and water. Trimming hooves is vital to the health of a pot-bellied pig.

It was only by chance the animal was found by police who were at the house on another matter. They found the immobile pot-bellied pig with hooves which had grown half a metre long, curling around and digging into the back of its feet. This makes it apparent that the horror this animal lived through had gone on for a considerable length of time. Yet both Ms. Veinotte and Mr. Mawson ignored its needs and made absolutely no effort to relieve it from the pain it was suffering. Nor did they make any attempt to find someone who could care for it if they found the task challenging.

A veterinarian euthanized the pig because it was in extreme pain and would suffer from a permanent hoof and joint abnormality. An OHS Inspector stated it was apparent the pig had been left in this condition for years.

There comes a time when individuals as well as society as a whole must take a stand and do what is right morally and legally. We respectfully request that the Presiding Justice, the Provincial Prosecutor and the government take that stand. We can no longer treat abuse and cruelty of animals as a minor offense.

The Province of Ontario must, once and for all, send a strong message that it is not acceptable to treat animals with anything but care and consideration for their health and welfare and those who do not, will suffer the consequences of their actions.

The intentional cruelty inflicted on this pot-bellied pig indicates Ms.Veinotte and Mr. Mawson deserve nothing less than the maximum penalty under the law for their total disregard of the pain and suffering of an animal in their care.

Members and supporters of RAAW respectfully request the court see fit to impose the strongest penalty of $60,000 and 2 years in prison for each of these abusers, and prohibit them from owning, having custody or control, or residing in the same premises as any animal for the duration of their lives.

The world is watching and waiting for this important decision.

Lynn Perrier

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