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Maximum Jail Time

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PARIS, Tenn. - In the past two years, 62 dogs have been brought to the Henry County Sheriff's Animal Shelter rescued from one woman, Cheryl Kidd.

Deputies said Kidd is suspected of running an illegal puppy mill for the second time in two years. In 2011, 30 dogs were taken from her property as well. Five more dogs will be rescued from her residence in the next week bringing the total to 37 this year alone.

"Anyone that would put their animals in this type of conditions do not have any respect for their animals or themselves," said Sheriff Monte Belew of the Henry County Sheriff's Department. Sheriff Belew was one of officers who rescued the animals from the home on Perkins Road.

The dogs range in age from just a few days old to about two years of age. They are currently being taken care of by the sheriff's department's animal shelter. Sheriff Belew said the animals came in very dehydrated and malnourished.

"The water these animals were drinking was just solid black. It hadn't been changed in a very long time," he said.

One of the dogs was not lucky enough to be rescued. "These poor animals were basically living in mud pens. There was one deceased dog in the pen with all the other dogs."

Sheriff Belew hopes this case will set an example for others running puppy mills or treating animals cruelly.

Danny Mitchell works at the shelter and has care for the animals since their arrival. He said the animals are scared and not used to human contact.

"The mothers are really shy when you try to play with them they're sacred they hide there heads they wont come out. It's really terrible," he said.

Even though the animals have not been there long, Mitchell said he can already see an improvement in the animals behavior.

"We are gonna keep working with the animals, walk them and get them out to play."

Cheryl Kid will be in court next Tuesday to face charges. Sheriff Belew hopes this time she has learned her lesson. "She could face jail time. Absolutely, she could and I hope she does I think she deserves it."

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