We DEMAND Individual Freedom, Personal Responsibility, Fairness and Respect from PPC HQ!

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Dear Mr. Maxime Bernier,

We, the undersigned, wish to notify and inform the People’s Party of Canada of Mr. Caleb Voskamp’s insidious and untoward propensities. As he is the National Coordinator of the Party, we at least expect that he not undermine the core values and principles of the PPC. Mr. Bernier, you have unequivocally stated that certain values are non-negotiable. In Voskamp’s case, he has subverted the lower immigration policy and overtly advocated for open borders, demoting the importance of Canadian sovereignty. Voskamp has also behaved autocratically through the annulation of at least 12 EDAs in the BC region that we are aware. This is flagrantly unacceptable, and it alone should disqualify him from his current executive position in the People’s Party of Canada.

In multiple instances, Mr. Voskamp openly promoted the abolition of political borders: “Immigrants are a self-selecting of those who are willing to take personal responsibility for their well-being... Let’s open the floodgates and let them in” [sic]. Although we understand that this value is libertarian at its core and that the Party consists of libertarian values and individuals, it should not exonerate his advocacy. If it were a leftist promoting policies like the dissolution of borders, Party members would duly expect him discharged from the party. Voskamp’s beliefs are antithetical to the Party’s principal platform.

Secondly is the significant issue of  Mr. Voskamp’s decision to nullify 12 EDAs and 'blacklisted' many great leaders of the grassroots across the country without due process or transparency of such decisions. Such an act is a belligerent assault against the party grassroots and against you as party leader. We ask that he reinstate all 12 EDAs and any that we are unaware, as well as any and all members, board members, and executive whose positions may have been annulled. At the very least make the information of such decisions with full transparency so we are able to regain faith in the party and the movement. Caleb's behavior, including the decision to block several of us on social media, is befitting and petulant of a National Coordinator. We hope for the party to be one which upholds Freedom of Speech and thought not the blocking of PPC members, or anyone for that matter, for their expressed points of view. 

Mr. Bernier, Let it be known that this cry for your leadership in this issue is from the grass roots, the most loyal of your supporters. Be on notice we represent a faction in the PPC of established EDA members, financial contributors as well as sweat equity volunteers from across Canada. Our faith in the party is dwindling and we are prepared to withdraw any and all support if this clear message falls on deaf ears. We look forward to this issue to be resolved as quickly as possible. We only wish to be able to continue unhindered by establishment shills to build upon the great movement of putting Canadians First within the guidelines of Individual Freedom, Personal Responsibility, Fairness and Respect.