Tell Airasia to give cash refunds to customers

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AirAsia Berhad is a large flight company which makes millions of dollars in revenue each year.

They have cancelled all flights due to Covid 19.

We are sick and tired of AirAsia denying our refund requests.

 Hundreds and hundreds of customers are being denied requests for a refund of their flights. Facebook is full of passengers posting that they never got a credit account refund, or that their case is closed without further explanation. AirAsia tells the affected passengers to chat with AVA, an AI robot. This robot constantly keeps crashing, or simply does not process cases. One passenger submitted over 30 cases for 3 flights-ALL cases were denied without any explanation. Or some cases are closed with the hint 'The paymaster's name and the BIG ID name do not match' which they do.

We are sick of this treatment and demand the following

-automatic cash refunds to those whose flights were cancelled

-termination of AVA in favor of a better online support system, with options to choose from

-temination of credit account refunds

-if the cases are closed, an explanation as to why this is so.

Please sign this petition. We will be forwarding it to MAVCOM, Malaysia's aviation oversight organ.