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Maury Mill Townhouse Project

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BASIS FOR REPEAL OF MAURY MILL TOWNHOMES LLC REZONING FROM AGRICULTURE TO ATTACHED RESIDENTIAL ( RESIDENTS OF VERONA, VA) • The Augusta County Community Development Office recommended denial of the rezoning request. It’s their expert opinions that we as taxpayers rely upon to protect our safety and property values. The Board of Supervisors (volunteer elected politicians) have presumed to know more about community development than the career experts. • The Community Development Office advised the Waynesboro News Virginian was the advertising conduit of choice for the public hearing because it was less expensive than the Staunton News Leader. The applicant (PJ Wright) pays for the advertising. Why would the County place the economic needs of a wealthy developer in front of the basic rights of hundreds of citizens? Of the over 200 home in Rolla Mills, only 6 have News Virginian delivery boxes. • Discovery under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) revealed that PJ Wright stated his intent to develop "Up to 114 Units". This was relayed to a member of the Planning Commission. The planning Commission wasn't in favor of PJ Wrights development for a number of reasons. The Planning Commission should be forced to reveal any public information regarding the future build-out. In light of the surreptitious manner in which the developers PJ Wright and David Smith have conducted themselves so far, we the taxpayers of Verona need to know exactly where the proposed expansion is located, and when it is proposed to commence. • Based upon the review by the Augusta County Fire Department, it appears as if existing “fire-flow” in the neighborhood is sufficient to support single-family homes. The proposed upgrades which have been presented as mandatory are only to support increased density housing. Why should the “Infrastructure Monies” of Supervisors Patti and Kelley be used to support the for-profit development which County staff opposed? • Review by the Augusta County Service Authority indicated the area does have some service reliability issues secondary to aging distribution lines. These repairs/upgrades were already scheduled for 2017. Why then have the Board of Supervisors embraced the Maury Mill Townhomes developers PJ Wright and David Smith as the fiscal saviors of the Rolla Mills water supply system? • The Virginia Department of Transportation made specific recommendations for traffic studies in their report? Have these studies been done? If so, where have the results been made public? • A recent FOIA request has unearthed copious amounts of communications by County Administrator Tim Fitzgerald where he is essentially acting as an agent of PJ Wright to facilitate the logistical progress of this project. Is this typical? Can documentation be provided to prove the County works just as hard for all developers? • We are disturbed by the timing of a meeting between Marshall Pattie and PJ Wright at the site on September 2, 2015. (Discovered through FOIA) This proves the County worked on this project for nearly a year and delayed its final consideration twice per PJs request. Yet, when asked for a one-month delay by the tax-payers who had only been aware of the proposal for two days, the Board of Supervisors ignored their constituents because they said they were tired of dragging it out. There is absolutely no excuse for this. We thank Supervisors Bragg and Pyles for having the good sense to vote against approval. We condemn the actions of the other five Supervisors for acting so irresponsibly. • An on-site meeting occurred last August at approximately the same time as PJs $400 contribution to Marshall Pattie’s campaign. This may be legal, but it certainly DOES NOT pass the ethical test. It does not represent what citizens expect to see from their elected leaders. • Comments made recently on WHSV TV3 by Marshall Pattie would lead Rolla Mills residents to believe he is simply uneducated regarding our neighborhood. The problem is, many of us know how much time Marshall Pattie spent walking through our neighborhood as a candidate. It isn’t that he’s uneducated, but rather that he’s dishonest. He is not to be trusted, and should not hold local office. • It’s entirely possible that the horse has already left the stable on this spot-zoning issue. Regardless, there are still two things the residents of Rolla Mills can do. First, this project can be fought to the end, and every available tool to make the project less profitable can be used. Second, the same energy being expended on fighting this project can be focused on making sure Marshall Pattie is never again elected to represent the citizens of Verona.      

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