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Mauritius Citizenship: Nor for Sale!

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No to the sale of the nationality and passport of the Republic of Mauritius! 

We, the citizens of the Republic of Mauritius,
We, various social, labor, political, youth, ecological, artistic organisations, regardless of our differences of opinion;

Together, we call on Hon. Pravind Jugnauth, Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, to withdraw his proposition for a legislative change regarding the sale of the Republic of Mauritius' nationality and passport.

We believe that such a measure is dangerous, and crosses the red line by its implication on:

independence, sovereignty, democracy, the country's internal security, the economic, budgetary and fiscal policy, the process of social exclusion and gentrification, the dynamics of dispossession of land, beaches and the sea,  restricting access to land and housing for the Mauritian people, the right, freedom and life of future generations;

We believe that the nationality of a country is not a commodity. Nationality is priceless, and is rather a part of a common identity, forged by the common history of our country. We believe that such a fundamental change in the foundation and identity of the Republic of Mauritius /Mauritians requires an in-depth national debate, to enable discussions on the dangers and repercussions of such a measure.

Since the Government has no mandate for such an amendment, we, together, call:

1. That Pravind Jugnauth immediately withdraws any amendment of existing law or enactment of new law aiming at allowing the sale of the nationality and passport of the Republic of Mauritius.

2. That a special commission be set up to carry out an audit on:

- All Property Schemes, such as the IRS, RES, PDS and Smart City, which are leading to the sale of our nationality and our passport.

- The policy of selling off land, coastlines, beaches, our lagoon, islands and ocean.

- Allegations of proximity with the government of a private company working on the sale of passport and nationality.

3. That this special commission publishes its report in the form of a White Paper, that will open a national debate.

4. Should the Government not accede to the three above measures, we then call for general elections to be organised immediately.

[Common Appeal initiated by the Convergence Assembly – Mauritius: Not for Sale !
Phase 2, started 30 June 2018]