Open road access from Derry Rd to 4th Line/Cedar Hedge, Right turns only

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With the population explosion on the northwest side of Hawthorne Village, it does not make sense to route all the traffic through Trudeau, or Harwood Dr.   The road which carries traffic northbound on 4TH Line / Cedar Hedge has been blocked off for vehicles.

This routes traffic from the new development on streets not designed for increased traffic flow.  These streets contain playgrounds, parks, and often have children playing through them.  There are over 4 Developers building over 200 houses for 5 new subdivisions within the gates of Hawthorne Village.

By opening the Northbound road to Cedar Hedge, we avoid heavy throughput of traffic on the smaller streets, and ultimately keep our children safe on non-main streets.


Letter sent to City of Milton:


  6:16 PM (15 hours ago)   to Heide         Hi Heide,   I hope all is well with you, and that you are enjoying the summer.   I was speaking with Tony Lambert about an issue that impacts all residents north of Derry who are part of the new Mattamy, Tiffany Park, Crystal, Beaverton developments.  He had mentioned that I should speak with you regarding the matter, and I hope that it is well received. :)   In lieu of the new developments in this area, I am sure there will be an increase of a few hundred new residences being built in this section of Hawthorne Village.  I am speaking specifically about the Northern part of 4th Line/Cedar Hedge.   I am curious if we would be able to request that there is a right turn only on Derry going North to 4th Line, or turning west when southbound on 4th line.     This means there would only be westbound traffic flowing through North to Croft.  We are not requesting that full thoroughfare be allowed, and are not suggesting a traffic light, nor to break the median.      Tony also mentioned mentioned you might be able to save me time as this might be something already in the works.   We believe the change will have following benefits:   1. Direct access to new developments
2. Direct access to dog park
2. Still defers 401 traffic to JSP
3. Lower volumes of traffic through residential (Harwood, Waldie) streets & Trudeau round-about
4. No need for traffic light
5. Only minor construction, no traffic lights, median to break
6. No Eastbound traffic impact   After hosting a little bit of a BBQ for the neighbourhood, I had mentioned this to quite a few houses on my street alone, who thought very similarly and we have started a petition to request this.   I have also started the following thread online:     Thank you Heide!,   --