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I am writing on behalf of my Husband, Bobby Bowen. In 2008, he made the worse mistake imaginable. Aggravated Robbery, a 3G offense which doesn't allocate good time credit. That hasn't stopped him from working & completing over 15 certifications that enable him to be a better role model to society. He's currently working towards his Bachelors in Sociology. His walk, talk & actions speak volumes of a true Man of God. He has 3 letter of recommendations alone from individuals who have been blessed to help counsel him while incarcerated. Sure, I could've twiddled my fingers to get this started years ago, but God wasn't finished molding him. He needed this. Now he understands & feels remorse. When he broke down & cried at our last visit, I knew. If he could change the past, he would. We have 2 children together along with 4 step children between the two of us. One of which suffers from Aspergers & Echolalia. Take a moment to research if you don't know. Its hard trying to explain why his father can't come home or why his imaginary friend is unhealthy because he feels he can't eat or play until he tells him his father is okay. Granted, Bobby deserved to be punished but 30 years for a first time adult offense is excessive. Our faith in God won't allow us to settle any longer. His case needs to be appealed. His children shouldn't have to be graduates before they experience the love & commitment of a father in their life. All we need is the attention of Maureen Shelton, Wichita County District Attorney to make this happen for us & God will definitely do His part. Matthew 18:20 says, where two or three are gathered in my name, ask & it shall be given. In the Name of Jesus I pray this petition gets to reach hand of command that God sees fit in order to give my Husband, who Texas refers to as inmate, a second chance. Place Your hands around each individual involved in making this happen at Wichita County District Attorney's office in the Name of Jesus. We stand in faith as long as we need. Its left with You Lord. Amen. I thank each soul that blesses us with their online support & my Prayers are with each of you as well, whatever it is, we stand in faith that if its God's Will, we will receive. AMEN. 

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